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My Diigo 04/23/2013

  • Tags: assessment, teaching, readiness, tools

  • Tags: ELearning

  • Classroom resources

    Tags: Web2.0, Resources, Classroom 2.0, classroom2.0, Book, ebook, Classroom, 2.0

  • Flipped Learning resources

    Tags: flipped Classroom, flipped learning

  • A community for PD regarding flipped learning

    Tags: net, learning, community

  • Tags: problem, solving, educational, reform

  • Students saviing schools with their passions

    Tags: kids, passion, schools, world, changing, ideas, innovation

  • Educational Leadership in the Digital Age: Tips for being a more connected school leader #plpnetwork #edchat #pdchat

    Tags: plpnetwork, edchat, pdchat

  • “Real World” social media helps students be more “real” in making connections

    Tags: education, world, social, social media, media, helps, students, bond, researchers

  • Tags: common, core, resources, tools, math, PLC, 6, discussion, algebra, PD

  • Tags: Windows8

  • A study explores the difference in problem solving between the “play” approach that children use, and the more structured approach used by adults.

    Tags: play, education, creativity

  • Poverty and its Impact in Education – resources to address this most pressing problem

    Tags: education, essential, reading, poverty, online, library

  • Tags: education, technology, Teaching, innovative, higher education, computers, public, online, online education, report, government

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